Sad But True


The Today Show is talking about “Women Against Feminism” and there is apparently a Tumblr page that women will say why they don’t need feminism. Most of them are saying that they want to focus on equal rights, and that they love men, or like being treated like a lady. THAT IS LITERALLY WHAT FEMINISM IS. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. IT IS NOT ABOUT WOMEN POWER, IT IS ABOUT ALL PEOPLE FINALLY REALIZING THAT WOMEN ARE JUST AS EQUAL AS MEN. YOU ARE SUPPORTING FEMINISM. 

WRONG. Modern day feminists are all about making women superior and making excuses for women to act / be a certain way. That’s MAKING EXCUSES for one gender to be superior than another.

Try again.


a lot of the women against feminism are cis white women who are completely unaware of what feminism is and how much it is still needed

Apparently you are against education as well due to your lack of proper grammar and punctuation.